When you sell your home, you want to work with a real estate agent who will make the process as smooth as possible, while looking out for your interests and representing you and your property in the best light. With over 25 years in the business, Hearthside has the experience to help you sell your home quickly.

We start with a complimentary Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) to find other houses recently sold in your neighborhood that are comparable to yours. Once adjustments are made for the special features of your home, and for needed repairs, we have the information to help you determine the value of your property.

We work together to set the initial listing price for your home. It is important to set it accurately at the beginning. If it is set too high, potential buyers will be discouraged and there may be little activity before your home becomes an "old listing". If it is set too low, you will receive less for your home than you should. The appropriate listing price also depends on supply and demand, and on any constraints you have around the time of your closing and move.

Once your home is listed with Hearthside, we start marketing it to potential buyers. Our standard marketing services for each home we list include:

  • We will place a professional sign on your property and nearby intersections to call attention to your home for people who might want to move into your neighborhood.
  • We advertise weekly in the Union Leader newspaper as well as some of the most popular real estate publications. Buyers browse through these magazines to find agents as well as listings, and your property will be prominently displayed.
  • We belong to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), a well-known, trusted database of homes for sale, searchable by buyers throughout the country. We will add your home to this database with important details and pictures to attract buyers.
  • We like to kick off the sale process with an Open House of your property. Many potential buyers prefer to view properties in an open house setting. We advertise this event in the Union Leader to draw in as many buyers as possible.
  • Over the past 20 years, we have developed positive relationships with many other agents in the area. We will leverage these relationships to promote your house to other agents, all of whom see many qualified Buyers each month.
  • We often organize tours of our listings for other real estate agents, so that they can pre-view your home for potential buyers.

When a qualified buyer is ready to make an offer, we negotiate with the buyer or the buyer's agent to firm up the terms of the offer. We all want the offer to be acceptable to all parties, and our experience plays a key role in helping to identify potential problems and pitfalls before they become major issues. If the buyer is using a different agent, we work with the buyer's agent to create the contract terms of an acceptable Purchase and Sale Agreement, such as sales price, closing date, and any added provisions.

After we have a signed Purchase and Sales Agreement, our job is to manage the necessary details to get you to closing. This involves representing your interests at a home inspection, bank ordered appraisal, and buyer walk-through.

When closing day arrives, your Hearthside broker will be at your side, on your side of the table, when the title to the property is passed. Usually this is a routine meeting, but it always helps to have the security of an experienced professional to handle last minute issues that might arise.