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Deerfield is a beautiful country town. As you drive along it's winding country roads you'll see farms, fields, horses, old homes, and the occasional new home on big private lots. Many new residents have been attracted to Deerfield because of its central location and it's unspoiled natural beauty. It's also home to the Deerfield Fair, a New Hampshire tradition since 1876.

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Town Information

Population: 4,403

Schools: Allenstown, Chichester, Deerfield, Epsom, and Pembroke make up SAU 53.  Deerfield children start at Deerfield Community School for Kindergarten through fourth grades, then move onto Three Rivers School in Pembroke for fifth through eighth grade, and Pembroke Academy for high school.  Although previously a private academy, Pembroke Academy is a public high school that takes takes students from Pembroke and from the neighboring towns of Allenstown, Epsom, Chichester and Deerfield.  Students from several other towns are accepted on an application and tuition basis. With approximately 1,000 students, the school is ranked Division II in athletics by the NHIAA for most sports.