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Northwood is a small country town that is situated on an eight mile strip of Route 4, the first New Hampshire turnpike built in 1800 to connect the state's only seaport, Portsmouth, to the capital city of Concord. The road runs through the heart of town and contains the majority of its businesses, including many antique shops, and is considered it's "main street." Beyond Route 4, Northwood boasts nine lakes and ponds, spectacular mountain views, miles of country roads, and many lovely old homes and public buildings. On top of its over 4,000 residents, Northwoods has many seasonal residents who enjoy second homes on its lakes and ponds.

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Town Information

Population: 4,136

Schools: Northwood, Strafford, and Nottingham make up SAU 44. Strafford students attend Northwood School for Kindergarten through Eighth Grade and then move on to Coe-Brown Northwood Academy for high school.  Coe-Brown has characteristics of both a public and a private institution. Like a private school, it is run by an independent board of directors and paid for through student tuition. It is directed by a headmaster rather than a principal, and has somewhat of the campus feel common in private schools. Unlike most private schools, however, nearly all of the students are local, and most have their tuition paid and are accepted through contracts with local towns. The academic curriculum is also more on par with local public high schools. Coe-Brown Northwood Academy is officially recognized by the State of New Hampshire as a "public academy."